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The Lancet: Why fake medicines should be challenged on all fronts

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The Lancet: Why fake medicines should be challenged on all fronts

Fake medicines are a widespread global public health threat, with WHO reports showing that one in ten medical products in low- and middle-income countries is substandard or falsified. Falsified medicines can prolong or even worsen illnesses that can lead to disability or loss of life and undermine trust in health systems and healthcare professionals.

The recently published editorial by the Lancet Journal of Respiratory Medicine is a welcome contribution to raise awareness to these very concerning issues. “We really need to talk about fake medicines,” they added in a to underline how alarming the situation is. The editorial comprehensively draws from the discussion on the Global Impact of Fake Medicines co-hosted by Fight the Fakes, UCL School of Pharmacy and the Commonwealth Pharmacist Association’s event on March 16, 2018. The successful event was chaired by Oksana Pyzik, the Senior Teaching Fellow & Global Engagement Coordinator at UCL School of Pharmacy. The panel discussion involved important health stakeholders such as Michael Deats, WHO Group Lead SAV Team, and Lynda Scammell, Senior Policy Manager MHRA, who addressed the global impact of substandard and falsified medicines.

We recommend you check out this great editorial, making an important contribution to raising awareness about fake medicines. You can read the full piece here.


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