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IPSF’s Photo Competition for #FTFWeek!

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IPSF’s Photo Competition for #FTFWeek!

Our partner, the International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation (IPSF) has set up a photo competition for Fight the Fakes Week! 


Show your support to the Fight the Fakes campaign, raise awareness of the dangers posed by substandard and falsified medicines & share a photo with our signature FTF bubble on Twitter, Facebook or any other blog! 

All information can be found here!

How to Participate:

  1. Take a photo of yourself with the Fight the Fakes bubbles and post it on Facebook or Instagram.

The fight the Fakes bubbles can be found here!

  1. To enable the post to be seen by IPSF and for your photo to be considered in the competition, it has to be published as a public post. If your Instagram account is connected to your Facebook account, make sure to change the privacy settings for each post to be PUBLICLY visible. However, if you post privately and would like the post to be taken into consideration, you should make your post public for one week after the deadline of the contest.
  2. The following hashtags must be used in the post for it to be qualified for the competition:
    #NoFakeMeds #FightTheFakes #IPSForg
  3. The following accounts must be tagged:

Instagram: @IPSForg; @FightTheFakes 

Facebook: IPSF – International Pharmaceutical Students’ Federation, and the Fight the Fakes account 

Price: The top two participants who receive the most likes will be awarded free tickets to the Asian Pharmaceutical Regulatory Conference and Fight the Fakes merchandise!


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