The Fight the Fakes Week takes place from 3-9 December and it’s the first time it’s being organised. What are you doing for Fight the Fakes Week? Discover our activities on

We have created small infographics for you to share on your social media channels to make sure the message reaches everyone! This week we raise awareness about #fakemeds and we are backed by the voice of patients.

Use our messages or write your own, download our images and post them on social media!

Make sure to tag @FightTheFakes and join the conversation using #fakemeds. We want to hear from you.

Message 1

#Fakemeds can look like real medicines but they will not have the same effect.

Speak up about falsified medicines with @FightTheFakes during #FTFWeek and #PSD2018

FTF Week PSD2018_Social Cards-01

Message 2

How can you stay safe from #fakemeds? Follow @FightTheFakes, find out during #FTFweek and get ready for #PSD2018.

FTF Week PSD2018_Social Cards-02

Message 3

Raising awareness about #fakemeds could save lives. Join @FightTheFakes for #FTFWeek and #PSD2018 to speak up against falsified medicines.

FTF Week PSD2018_Social Cards-03

Message 4

#Fakemeds go hand in hand with #AntimicrobialResistance. Let’s raise awareness with @FightTheFakes, protect #patients and #StopSuperbugs #FTFWeek #PSD2018

FTF Week PSD2018_Social Cards-04

Message 5

For #FTFWeek and #PSD2018 we encourage #patients to speak up against #fakemeds! Join @FightTheFakes and @IAPOvoice and support the campaign.

FTF Week PSD2018_Social Cards-05

Message 6

Selling #fakemeds is a crime ⛔️

Join #FTFWeek to raise awareness with @FightTheFakes and speak up against falsified medicines #PSD2018

FTF Week PSD2018_Social Cards-06

Message 7

Strong regulation is key to fighting #fakemeds.

For #FTFWeek and #PSD2018 speak up and ask decision-makers to stop the distribution of falsified medicines with @FightTheFakes

FTF Week PSD2018_Social Cards-07

Message 8

Finding solutions against #fakemeds requires more research and understanding. Spread the message for #FTFWeek between 3-9 December with @FightTheFakes and speak up.

FTF Week PSD2018_Social Cards-08

Message 9

Are you aware of the dangers that #fakemeds pose? Find out more, raise awareness and speak up against falsified medicines during #FTFweek 2018. More info at #PSD2018

FTF Week PSD2018_Social Cards-09

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