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Fight the Fakes Week – What are you doing to raise awareness about #fakemeds?

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Fight the Fakes invites partner organisations and any interested groups or individual to raise awareness and join Fight the Fakes Week 2018 and speak up about falsified medicines.

With our 37 partners, we have great potential to spread knowledge and raise awareness of fake medicines throughout our networks and staff. The week will also coincide with Patient Solidarity Day, “Safe Medication and Healthcare for All by campaign partner the International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations (IAPO).

Participate in the first ever Fight the Fakes week and let your colleagues, friends and family know why fighting falsified medicines is everyone’s business.

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3 December

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4 December

5 December

6 December

7 December

8 December

9 December


Interested in becoming a partner of Fight the Fakes?

If you are part of an organization that is deeply concerned and active in combatting the production and distribution of fake medicines, please do get in touch via our contact page with details about your work.

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