Between 2 and 8 December 2019 Fight the Fakes invites you to raise awareness about falsified and substandard medicines!

Find out about our various activities and social media & media highlights of our 2019 Fight the Fakes Week in our detailed review report here!


Today there are still so many people that don’t know about the dangers of falsified and substandard medicines! The mission of Fight the Fakes is to change this and speak up about these three key threats:

  1. Fake medicines are a threat to public health. By avoiding authorization from medicines regulatory authority and by attempting to pass themselves off as something they are not fake medicines pose a global public health risk, leading to resistance to treatment, illness, disability and even death.
  2. Fake medicines undermine patients’ trust in health systems, their governments, health care providers and manufacturers of genuine medicines.
  3. Manufacturers of fake medicines do not discriminate. Fake medicines can be both long established and recently marketed medicines, both branded and generic, and both domestically manufactured and imported.

Fight the Fakes is a movement of allies that works to raise the profile of the danger of fake medicines, outline opportunities for action, promote the implementation of initiatives that fight fake medicines, and facilitate cooperation for groups pursuing these goals. 



1. Be Aware! 2. Speak Up! 3. Fight the Fakes!

Here are some ideas you cam implement during Fight the Fakes Week, remember to let us know so we can support you! 

  1. Organise a Fight the Fakes Day during the week. You can use this presentation and become a Fight the Fakes Ambassador;
  2. Share the stories of people that have been affected by fake medicines;
  3. Do you know someone that felt victim to fake medicines? Let’s help them speak up!
  4. Invite speakers and have a debate, panel discussion and/or Q&A about the dangers of fake medicines in your community and elsewhere;
  5. Take photos with our new message bubbles to share on social media or even create your own;
  6. Get inspired by the first edition of Fight the Fakes Week!
  7. Translate key facts about fake medicines into other languages with the help of your regional and local member organisations;
  8. Share our messages on social media and don’t forget to use #fakemeds #FightTheFakes #FTFWeek !


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#Fakemeds can look like real medicines but they will not have the same effect! Speak up about falsified medicines with @FightTheFakes during Fight the Fakes Week ?

2. Speak Up ?

#Fakemeds are a real threat to public health! Let’s #FightTheFakes together and put #PatientSafety first during Fight the Fakes Week ? 

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Share our NEW one-page fact sheet on your website/ social media or print it out and display it in your office: 

















More resources will become available soon. Stay tuned!