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Between 6 and 12 December 2021 join Fight the Fakes Week to raise awareness about falsified and substandard medicines because #HealthIsNoHoax!

For the 4th Fight the Fakes Week we aim to highlight how substandard and falsified medical products pose serious risks to people’s health and have dire consequences for the wellbeing of communities and individual countries’ socio-economic stability. They deserve far greater attention within international fora. As the roll-out of COVID-19 vaccination gathers pace, criminals are capitalizing on any shortages or access barriers but also on the waves of hesitancy when it comes to vaccines. This may also accelerate the spread of fake products that are non-COVID-19-related, proving a thriving global business in substandard and falsified medical products with no regard for health impacts.

To capture this, we are proposing the following theme and call to action:

Health is not a hoax – Fight the Fakes” 

Let’s raise awareness about the differences between getting the real treatments vs getting products that fail to meet quality standards and the requirements to be considered valid and safe health treatments, products that deliberately/fraudulently misrepresent their identity, composition or source, which can lead to ineffective treatments, further illness, even death.

Let’s become Fake Busters for Fight the Fakes Week!

Get involved!

Organise a panel discussion, Q&A, or workshop about the dangers of substandard and falsified medicines in your organisation and among your broader network;

Do you know someone that fell victim to fake medicines? Let’s help them speak up and share the stories!

Translate key facts about substandard and falsified medicines into other languages with the help of your regional and local member organisations;

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Before the event

We join the @FightTheFakes community for the 4th annual #FTFweek to raise awareness about the dangers of substandard & #fakemeds!  

Let’s take action together because #HealthIsNoHoax! 


During Fight the Fakes Week

The #COVID19 pandemic led to a surge in falsified medical products globally posing major risks to public health and #patientsafety.  

🙅🏿 #HealthIsNoHoax – Let’s #FightTheFakes! 

Join #FTFweek to speak with one voice against substandard & #fakemeds 🙌🏿 

Don’t risk your health by purchasing medicines from unknown & unauthorized sellers. It bears an extremely high risk of getting substandard or #fakemeds!  

We join #FTFWeek to raise awareness about substandard & #fakemeds because #HealthIsNoHoax ▶️ 

While substandard & #fakemeds can be found anywhere in the 🌎🌍🌏 often the most vulnerable are the first to suffer, particularly in #LMIC. 

For #FTFWeek let’s speak up against substandard and falsified medicines because #HealthIsNoHoax  

#BeAFakeBuster & @FightTheFakes

#HealthIsNoHoax ➡ #Fakemeds erode public trust in #healthcare professionals & systems 👩🏽‍⚕️🏥👨🏽‍⚕️leading to negative spillovers in health. 

Speak-up this #FTFweek and #BeAFakeBuster 🔎 

While COVID19 lead to increased falsification of associated products, both generic and innovator #medicines can be falsified, from expensive products for #cancer to inexpensive products for treating pain. 

#HealthIsNoHoax – Let’s #FightTheFakes!


Substandard & #fakemeds have become a thriving and shameless global enterprise with no regard for #patientsafety.  

This #FTFWeek let’s speak up against them – because #HealthIsNoHoax! 

Join us 🙌🏿 

By eliminating substandard & #fakemeds we can also contribute to fighting #AntimicrobialResistance #AMR 💪🏽  

 This #FTFweek join forces with #FightTheFakes and #BeAFakeBuster! 


This #FTFWeek let’s raise awareness about the key role that secure supply chains 🛡 play in keeping patients safe from #fakemeds! 

#BeAFakeBuster 🙌🏿  @FightTheFakes

The internet is becoming an increasingly fertile ground for criminals to sell substandard and #fakemeds 💻☠💊 

This #FTFWeek #BeAFakeBuster because #HealthIsNotAnHoax! 


Substandard & #fakemeds are often found in places with difficult access to quality and safe medical products, poor governance and weak technical capacity. Stronger regulatory frameworks are key to #FightTheFakes! 

#BeAFakeBuster for #FTFweek 🙌🏿 

#Fakemeds are a neglected global health issue putting the #health of millions at risk, undermining our healthcare systems & ultimately obstructing the road to universal health coverage #UHC by 2030! 

#FightTheFakes and #LeaveNoOneBehind! 

 Join #FTFweek👉🏿 

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