Our academic partner the University College London (UCL) is celebrating this year’s Fight the Fakes Week by hosting various events throughout the week: 

  • Zoom discussion with Dr Patrick Hymel, CEO of Medsnap, Neil Walsh, UN Chief of Cybercrime, Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism Department at UNODC, and Oksana Pyzik, Global engagement lead & lecturer at UCL (8 Dec)
  • Instagram Live with Miriam Holm, Fight the Fakes Secretariat (10 Dec) 
  • Global health games night (11 Dec)
  • Stakeholder competition: Do you think you have a solution to tackle falsified medicine? Sign up for the competition here!

Find out more on UCL’s Twitter account @UCLFightsFakes and our Twitter @FightTheFakes!

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