On 17 September join us in raising awareness about patient safety and how to keep them protected from substandard and falsified medicines!

This year is the third World Patient Safety Day! This important awareness raising date was established during the 72nd World Health Assembly in May 2019, following the adoption of resolution WHA72. 6 on ‘Global action on patient safety’ and it aims to enhance global understanding of patient safety, increase public engagement in health care safety, and promote global action to prevent and reduce avoidable harm in health care.

Safe maternal and newborn care

This year’s theme focuses on safe maternal and newborn care calling stakeholders to ‘act now for safe and respectful childbirth!‘. 

According to the WHO, every day nearly 5400 stillbirths occur; 810 women and 6700 newborns lose their lives and most of these lives can be saved through the provision of safe care. 

Together with Fight the Fakes Alliance’s member, the International Alliance of Patients’ Organisations (IAPO) we are calling on all our members, world patients, healthcare organisations, policy-makers, academia, institutions, industry and other health stakeholders to raise awareness on how substandard and falsified medicines can endanger patient safety.

Will you help us raising awareness on substandard and falsified medicines this World Patient Safety Day?

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#DYK that #fakemeds are found across the 🌎 and can have detrimental, long-term effects on #health?

This #WorldPatientSafetyDay2021 join us in raising awareness on how fighting #fakemeds can improve the safety of #patients, mothers & newborns 🤰🏿!



On this #WorldPatientSafetyDay2021 join us in raising awareness about #PatientSafety, together we can #FightTheFakes and stop #fakemeds from endangering #patients’ #health!

🧐Find out more: https://fightthefakes.org/world-patient-safety-day-2021