Fight the Fakes’ member U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) has recently launched a number of valuable materials to help identify substandard and falsified COVID-19 vaccines, which are free to the public.

Substandard and falsified vaccines erode the public’s trust in vaccines and hinder our ability to control the COVID-19 pandemic. To help ensure the quality of vaccines, USP offers its quality standards, best practices, and insights to guide manufacturing, packaging, and release processes. Their goal is to help increase access to quality-assured COVID-19 vaccines. Their resources are the following:

1. USP White Paper on Confronting Substandard and Falsified COVID-19 Vaccines: Strategies and tools for use in global settings, which can be downloaded here.

This document, which is relevant for current global, regional and national efforts from regulators, as well as multiple other involved stakeholders has the following key objectives:

–  Clarify challenges related to substandard and falsified COVID-19 vaccines;

– Highlight relevant policies at the global, regional, and country levels to combat the threat;

– Explore practical approaches and tools to prevent, detect, and respond; and,

– Propose strategies and interventions to various stakeholders invested in medicines quality.

2. New USP tools for identifying substandard and falsified COVID-19 vaccines that can be found here

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.@FightTheFakes’ member @USPharmacopeia has launched 🆕#COVID19 #Vaccine resources to support the detection of substandard & falsified COVID-19 vaccines and ensure the quality of vaccines from manufacturing to distribution. 

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Substandard & fake vaccines erode #public trust in #vaccines & hinder the ability to control the #COVID19 pandemic. 

To help ensure the quality of vaccines @FightTheFakes’ member @USPharmacopeia launched a number of resources to use in global settings 



.@USPharmacopeia’s 🆕#COVID19 Vaccine Handling Guides are an important tool to help identify falsified COVID-19 vaccines and further amplify the response to the pandemic.

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Discover the resources here: 


To help facilitate the #COVID19 global response, we are joining @USPharmacopeia’s efforts as they work to ensure COVID-19 #vaccine quality, build public trust, save lives & #FightTheFakes. Access USP’s new COVID-19 vaccines resources to improve #TrustInMedicine. #LMICs #FightTheFakes


We are joining the effort to ensure #COVID19 #vaccine quality, increase shots in arms, help countries build capacity to manufacture vaccines and reduce risk of substandard and falsified vaccines. Download the new COVID-19 vaccines resources which build upon collaboration with manufacturers, global health organizations, and others to improve #TrustInMedicine around the world. #LMICs #FightTheFakes