According to a new survey conducted in April 2018, many African citizens consider themselves not well informed about the dangers of falsified medicines. The survey aimed to highlight patient perceptions of falsified medicines in different parts of the world.

Over 2,500 participants in Egypt, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Kenya and South Africa were questioned, with a stunning 97% of respondents thinkking they do not have enough knowledge to protect themselves from fake medicines. However, most of the respondents are aware that fake meds exists and almost half of all individuals have experienced them in some way.

The recent survey fits within a series of studies on the perceptions of falsified medicines during which Sanofi questioned over 20,000 individuals in Europe, the US, Asia and Latin America since 2014. You can find the whole infographic as a PDF here.

What do you think, does the public feel more prepared and knowledgeable about falsified medicines around the world? Discover the results of the surveys for EuropeAsiaUS or Latin America.

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Source: Sanofi