We are proud to announce Sproxil as a new Partner of the Fight the Fakes campaign!

Every year, over 700,000 people die from fake tuberculosis and anti-malaria drugs alone. Fake medicines are a dangerous and deadly industry that particularly rampant in emerging markets—where limited resources and high prevalence of disease create many opportunities for illegal but profitable business.

In the meantime, mobile phones are increasingly becoming the most popular mode of communication, especially across counties in Africa and Asia.

Sproxil has developed an award-winning Mobile Product Authentication (MPA) solution to empower consumers to combat counterfeit drugs simply by using their mobile phone. The solution is simple and free to the consumer: at point of purchase, consumers will find a scratch-off label on the primary packaging of the medicine. Scratching the label reveals a unique, one time use PIN that users can SMS text to a secure number. Immediately, they will receive a response that confirms the drug is genuine or warns that is may be fake.

To test out an interactive demo of MPA, click here.

To learn more about Sproxil’s efforts to curb fake medicines in Africa and Asia, visit their website.

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