Launched in November 2013, Fight the Fakes has grown into a coalition of over 30 organizations, including healthcare professionals, academia, NGOs, the generic and research-based pharmaceutical industry, healthcare distributers, and consumer protection organizations.

Fight the Fakes is pleased to announce the transition of its secretariat to the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (IFPW). Since the campaign’s launch in 2013, the role of secretariat has been held by the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Associations (IFPMA).

As the Fight the Fakes secretariat, IFPW will continue to coordinate and amplify campaign partners’ activities in combatting fake medicines, and leverage their supply chain expertise and membership base to strengthen the campaign’s network. Tapping into their respective networks, Fight the Fakes partners have the potential to share these resources and testimonials with millions of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, students and people working throughout the medicines supply chain, so that all are better equipped to combat this threat.

Read the press release here (English / French).