Four First Ladies of Sub-Saharan Africa have signed the Declaration of Niamey, confirming commitment from their highest level of government to fighting fake medicines. The joint initiative, launched by the Institute of Research against Counterfeit Medicines (IRACM), Tattali-Iyali Foundation and several First Ladies of Sub-Saharan African countries followed an international conference on counterfeited and illegal drugs sale in the capital of Niger, Niamey. This event has been marked as a first step in further 2014 actions of to tackle the growing problem of fake medicines in the region. Attendance included the Prime Minister and Minister of Public Health of Niger as well as Mrs Lalla Malika Mohamadou Issoufou (President of Tattali-Iyali Foundation and First Lady of Niger), Mrs Chantal Compaore (First Lady of Burkina Faso), Mrs Chantal Djotodia (First Lady of the Central African Republic) and Mrs Aminata Maiga Keita (First Lady of Mali). To read more click here.


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