The Medicine Quality Monitoring (MQM) Globe is a new interactive tool developed by the Infectious Diseases Data Observatory (IDDO) to track the quality of medical products across the world. The issue of substandard and falsified medicines is a serious concern, but surveillance of these products is limited in most parts of the world, and incidents and alerts are often not adequately covered by news outlets. This lack of awareness and understanding can lead to serious health consequences for patients. 

The MQM Globe aims to fill these gaps in surveillance by providing summaries of newspaper reports on medical products’ quality in various languages. These reports are compiled from a range of sources, including local and international news outlets, and are updated regularly. In addition to these reports, the MQM Globe also displays regulatory updates and alert webpages, 

By providing a global view of the problem of substandard and falsified medicines, the MQM Globe enables early warning and raises awareness of the issue by highlighting incidents and providing information on the risks of fake medicines. 

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