Fight The Fakes’ Academic/Youth chapters never cease to amaze us! We are delighted with their energy and dedication in the fight against substandard and fake medicines. 

King’s College London Fight the Fakes chapter has organised a seminar series on fake medicines. Stay tuned for their upcoming webinars !

You can watch the full webinars further below.

Previous 'Let's Talk About Fakes' seminars:

1st seminar with Stanislas Barro (Novartis) - 10 June

2nd seminar with Pernette Bourdillon Esteve (WHO) - 1 July

3rd seminar with Daniel Fritz (PharmaLedger & Novartis) - 14 July

4th seminar with Mike Isles
(Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacy in the EU) - 23 September

5th seminar with Adam Aspinall,
Senior Director of Access & Product Management at Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV) and Fight the Fakes President - 14 October

6th seminar with Collins Agoro, Global Roche Anti- Counterfeit Commission Ambassador for Africa - 11 Novemberr