Our newest partner, GS1 will be hosting a 3 day online summit, which will serve as an online global conversation, bringing together the global community of healthcare stakeholders in a new fast paced and interactive format.

Secure and robust medical supply chains increase patient safety and improve the traceability of medicines. The use of GS1’s unique barcode visibility on medicine packing is one of the most commonly known global standards in healthcare that help #FightTheFakes. 

The summit will be a place where healthcare professionals will learn first-hand about innovative projects being undertaken globally, with a distinct focus on supply chain and traceability in times of pandemic uncertainty.

The sessions will cover several critical issues connected with the role of standards in a crisis, data quality and data sharing, enabling pharmaceutical traceability in supply chains, unique medical device identification (UDI), hospital implementation, clinical trials, and digital technologies in healthcare.

You can find additional information here. The full agenda is also available here


The participants include: 

➜ Manufacturers
➜ Hospitals
➜ Pharmacies
➜ Regulators
➜ Solution providers
➜ GS1 Member Organisations worldwide

Register here: https://bit.ly/3nvUpBB


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