To mark the occasion of World Health Day, Howard Catton, CEO from our partner the International Council of Nurses (ICN) published an op-ed in Nigeria Health Watch to highlight the crucial role health care professionals, such as nurses, and digital health solutions play in the fight against falsified medicines.

Particularly in Nigeria, the issue of falsified medicines is a prevalent and growing issue, yet recent innovative technological solutions developed by young Nigerian entrepreneurs are one way to tackle the epidemic of #fakemeds. Another crucial part in the fight against falsified medicines are health care professionals, such as nurses. Nurses are in direct daily contact with patients, as they prescribe, administer and monitor their treatment. Particularly experienced nurses with vast nursing expertise are well positioned to detect falsified medicines and early side effects of it.

Tackling falsified medicines is critical in order to ensure patient safety and well-being, and is ultimately key to progress towards universal health coverage.

As emphasised by Howard Catton, ‘the next generation of trained nurses, together with innovative digital solutions […] will spearhead the way to UHC by 2030′.

Read the opinion piece from Howard Catton, CEO of The International Council of Nurses (ICN) below. 



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