This year’s 3rd annual Fight the Fakes Week will take place between 7-13 December!  

Find below more details and resources and join our efforts to speak up against substandard and falsified medicines!

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The coronavirus has highlighted the shortcomings in regulatory and legal frameworks aimed at preventing the manufacture and trafficking of falsified medical products around the world. Not only does this have a detrimental effect on COVID-19 related treatments, vaccines and diagnostics, but on all disease areas. 

Under the theme of this year’s 3rd Fight the Fakes Week “Let’s Fight the Fakes – through the pandemic and beyond“, Fight the Fakes and partners will focus not only on the pandemic and its rise in substandard and falsified medical products, but will also continue to address the ongoing dangers patients face from fake medicines that affect all disease areas.

How can you get involved to raise awareness about substandard and falsified medicines?

  1. Organise an online panel discussion, Q&A, or workshop about the dangers of falsified medicines in your organisation and among your broader network;
  2. Share the stories of people that have been affected by fake medicines;
  3. Do you know someone that felt victim to fake medicines? Let’s help them speak up!
  4. Take photos with our new message bubbles to share on social media or even create your own;
  5. Get inspired by the first and second edition of Fight the Fakes Week!
  6. Translate key facts about fake medicines into other languages with the help of your regional and local member organisations;
  7. Share our messages on social media and don’t forget to use #fakemeds #FTFWeek  #FreeFromFakes!

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