Our Partner IRACM shares an open access e-learning platform to illustrate the problem of fake medicines and how this crime is being addressed globally.

IRACM’s training program is divided into 7 modules that show how drugs are manufactured and marketed, how medicine counterfeiting is addressed and how to identify illegal online pharmacies or recognize authentic packaging.

The program is intended for a wide audience, is free and available in French, English and Spanish. Users can let the platform guide them through a 45 minute program or choose from the various topics in the menu.

Visit the e-course here and get up to speed on fake medicines!

Modules include:

  • Medicinal products: from the molecule to the finished product
  • The marketing of medicinal products
  • Counterfeiting worldwide
  • The internet problem
  • Anti-counterfeiting legislation
  • Anti-counterfeiting action
  • Technical solutions in the fight against this scourge