Fight The Fakes Alliances’ member U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) recently hosted an online workshop on ‘Combatting Substandard and Falsified medicines during COVID-19 pandemic’In this workshop, composed of 6 sessions, USP experts and other relevant actors gave an overview of the work they carried out to detect substandard and falsified medicines during current pandemic.

USP’s mission is to advance quality through knowledge and standards. Our member advocates for quality medicines and has had two broad areas of response to the COVID-19 pandemic: strengthening supply chain resilience and supporting vaccines, treatments, and preventatives for COVID-19. It has provided stakeholders with solutions to support manufacturers’ quality and to detect substandard and falsified medicines in the market. Furthermore, USP has worked on identifying gaps in available tools and on developing new ones to help protect patients from substandard and falsified medicines.

This resource is a valuable tool to understand more in-depth the industry’s and relevant stakeholders’ efforts to fight the fakes during the last months, watch the full workshop below!


Session 1: USP Introduction and COVID-19 Response [Jeff Moore, Senior Director, Scientific Affairs and Strategy at USP].

Session 2: Increased threat of SF medicines during COVID-19 pandemic [Diana Lee, Technical Officer – Incidents and Substandard/Falsified (ISF) Medical Products at World Health Organisation].

Session 3: Tools for detecting substandard and falsified Remdesivir  [Yang Liu, qNMR expert and Incubated Project Manager at USP and Mayank Bhanti, Director, Compedial Development Laboratory at USP India].

Session 4: Tools for prioritizing Post Marketing Surveillance [Souly Phanouvong, Senior Technical Advisor at USP].

Session 5: New tools for Favipiravir [Herbert Schmidt, Technical Officer, World Health Organisation].

Session 6: New and existing tools for Dexamethasome [Richard Jaehnke, Global Pharma Health Fund].

Watch the full workshop!