We are proud to announce Cittadinanzattiva and its international interface Active Citizenship Network (ACN) as a member of the Fight the Fakes campaign!

With a view to mobilising and supporting citizen organisations in the fight against dangerous fake medicines and working together to ensure patient safety, Fight the Fakes is excited to welcome our new partner.

Cittadinanzattiva (active citizenship) is an Italian non-profit organization founded in 1978, independent from political parties, trade unions, private companies and public institutions. Cittadinanzattiva’s main objectives are the promotion of civic participation and the protection of citizens’ rights in Italy and in Europe. It considers citizens a fundamental resource for democracy, who play an active role in society and should participate in everyday policy-making.

ACN is part of a widespread European open and flexible network of more than 100 civic, patients and users organizations. It is active in promoting health and patient safety in Europe and beyond.It is an official member of the “EU Health Policy Forum” and launched the “European Patients’ Rights Day” in 2003 to enhance the work of civic groups improving the lives of patients with chronic diseases.

Another project, “La salute vien cliccando” carried out by the School of Cittadinanzattiva and Federchimica Assosalute, has worked with teachers and students of secondary schools since 2010. The project promotes the right to health, with particular reference to the purchasing and use of self-medication and over the counter treatments. “La salute vien cliccando” promotes the responsible use of the internet to browse and buy medicines and medical products online safely; raising awareness of the serious problem of counterfeit medicines. Participants of the program learn to safeguard their health by adopting healthy lifestyles and responsible use of medicines.

Over the years, plenty of tools have been used to engage students, including an online guide, a video titled “The real strength is to say NO!”,  a brochure, and events and focus groups in schools across many cities.

A civic survey is now being conducted to see how youth approaches purchasing health and well-being products online.

Stated by Antonio Gaudioso, Secretary General of Cittadinanzattiva:

“Cittadinanzattiva has decided to become a partner of the Fight the Fakes campaign because it provides continuity and a global dimension to our activities in the field of drug counterfeiting and access to accurate information, already our priorities at national-level in Italy over the years. Furthermore, we believe it is useful to share with others our experiences, data and good practices, as well as to promote civic recommendation to institutions, to improve their efforts in this field. With the involvement of our European branch, Active Citizenship Network, information and activities carried out by the campaign will be disseminated among our one hundred civic and patient associations all throughout Europe.”

Visit their website to learn more about Cittadinanzattiva / Active Citizenship Network.


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