Fighting Fakes by MS2

Fight the Fakes partner, the European Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacy (ASOP EU), has recently published a report highlighting the best practices in EU Member States and NGOs with the scope of educating online consumers about the threat of illegal selling of medicines and related healthcare products.

The report called “Fighting Fakes by Member States, Falsified Medicines and the Common Logo – raising public awareness” points to several measures for detecting illegal, uncertified and untrustworthy suppliers. These measures include the Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) coming into force in February 2019, or the implementation of the verified .pharmacy top level domain name for websites . Another measure is the use of the Common Logo appearing on websites through which consumers can check the authenticity of the online pharmacies and retailers.

ASOP EU gathered best practices of tackling the problem of falsified medicines sold online, and of raising awareness campaigns from 18 EU Member States, 3 EEA Member states and Serbia, showing that despite different regulatory systems falsified healthcare products can be challenged and fought, in accordance with the context and needs of each country.

Learn more on how fake medicines are tackled in your country and join the campaign!

Read the full report here.

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