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Why Fighting Fake Meds Means Fighting AMR

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Why Fighting Fake Meds Means Fighting AMR

Drug resistance is under the spotlight these days, as World Antibiotic Awareness Week takes place from 12-18 November and the Wellcome Trust holds its Second Call to Action on Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) on 19-20 November. You might have heard of the public health threat of AMR. But do you also know how falsified medicines can spread drug resistance?

We have created small infographics for you to share on your social media channels to make sure everybody stays safe from fake antibiotics and understands how they contribute to drug resistance. Because fighting #fakemeds means fighting AMR and both are serious public health threats that are everybody’s business.

Use our messages or write your own, download our images and post them on social media and tell us why you fight falsified antibiotics!

Make sure to tag @FightTheFakes and join the conversation using #fakemeds. We want to hear from you.

Message 1

Falsified antibiotics help spread antimicrobial resistance. Stay safe and fight #fakemeds to #StopDrugResistance @FightTheFakes

Fake Meds and AMR-01

Message 2

#Fakemeds and #AntimicrobialResistance know no borders. Fight both with @FightTheFakes.

Fake Meds and AMR-02

Message 3

Stay safe of falsified #antibiotics. Speak up about #fakemeds and help @FightTheFakes to #StopDrugResistance.

Fake Meds and AMR-03

Message 4

Do you know how many falsified #antibiotics there are? Spread the word to fight #fakemeds & #AMR.

Fake Meds and AMR-04

Message 5

Falsified #antibiotics are a real danger. Find out why fighting #fakemeds means fighting #AntimicrobialResistance:

Fake Meds and AMR-05

Message 6

Help us close the #MutantSelectionWindow! Speak up against #fakemeds:

Fake Meds and AMR-06

Message 7

Monitoring and reporting are important to fight #fakemeds. Help @FightTheFakes by spreading the word. 

Fake Meds and AMR-07

Message 8

Reporting is crucial to find how how many #fakemeds are out there. Find out how you can report suspicious medicines:

Fake Meds and AMR-08

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