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UCL School of Pharmacy Joins as Partner of Fight the Fakes!

University College London School of Pharmacy (UCL SOP) |

We are proud to announce University College London (UCL) School of Pharmacy as a Partner of the Fight the Fakes campaign!

The School of Pharmacy was founded by the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain in 1842 and is currently part of the Faculty of Life Sciences of University College London, one of the most highly rated pharmacy schools in the UK.

UCL School of Pharmacy students are actively engaged in the fight against fake medicines through the Fight the Fakes UCL Students Group.

“As the Academic Lead of UCL Fight the Fakes, I am thrilled to announce a new partnership between the UCL School of Pharmacy and Fight the Fakes. UCL  is the first University to join as a full partner of Fight the Fakes driving forward the student led anti-counterfeit drugs campaign both in the UK and around the world. Together we will work to increase awareness of the dangers of counterfeit medicines amongst students, health care professionals and most importantly the public. Pharmacists are the “experts on medicines” and thus are perfectly positioned to educate the public on medicines safety and to reduce patient harm associated with counterfeit medicines.  The UCL-Fight the Fakes collaboration is fully committed to coordinated action amongst all partners to protect the public from this global health threat,” said Oksana Pyzik, Teaching Fellow at UCL.

More information on UCL School of Pharmacy can be found here.


UCL Fight the Fakes committee

UCL Fight the Fakes committee

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