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The voice of Fight the Fakes reaches new heights in the latest article about falsified medicines featured in Healthcare Global magazine

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Healthcare GLobal headline

Fight the Fakes is thrilled to be highlighted as a valuable global actor in tackling the problems related to falsified medicines in this Healthcare Global magazine article. Under the title of “Leveraging technology and education in the high-stakes fight against fake medicines” the article describes the critical and increasing problems related to falsified and substandard medicines. Patient safety is critically threatened by fake medicines, which can cause further illness, disability or even death as they deceit. The “most powerful weapons in the fight against fake medicines” are education, awareness, multi-stakeholder engagement and technology. Fight the Fakes plays a vital role in raising awareness, educating and empowering communities all around the world. Everyone is welcome to support the fight and we welcome Imperial Logistics’ efforts, a member company of the International Federation of Pharmaceutical Wholesalers (IFPW).

For more details about the latest developments read the full article here.

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