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Launch of a global education programme to combat COVID-19 scams and #fakemeds!

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Launch of a global education programme to combat COVID-19 scams and #fakemeds!

The Youth IGF Movement, created by Yuliya Morenets, has teamed up with our partner, the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacy in the EU (ASOP EU), and supported by three French global healthcare companies Ipsen, Sanofi and Servier, to educate the youth about the risks of buying fake medicines online, in particular in relation to increasing number of COVID-19 online scams.

The campaign, called “We rely on you. We rely on youth”, will comprise a series of educational debates across the world to inform the youth about the rising tide of websites capitalising on fear and misinformation regarding COVID-19.

These illegal sites advertise and sell falsified medicines and vaccines. Ultimately, this places significant risks and opportunities for harm to citizens. 

Check out Mike Isles, Executive Director of ASOP EU, is this video explaining the efforts and aim of this new campaign, and visit both ASOP EU’s and Youth IGF’s Twitter pages for frequent updates! 

About Youth IGF

The Youth IGF created in 2011 is a UN recognised initiative present in more than 35 countries across the globe. It allows the young to discuss and take a lead on issues related to Internet governance in the format of local, national or regional debates. Twitter: @globalyouthigf


The Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacy in the EU (ASOP EU) is a not for profit Community Interest Company and represents a multi-sectorial coalition of organisations and individuals, dedicated to creating an environment that enables patients to buy their medicines online safely (where it is legal to do so). Twitter: @ASOP_Europe

Click on the imagine below to download and share it among your network! 

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