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Why we can’t take the safety of medicines for granted

Kari Leung |

Why we can’t take the safety of medicines for granted

I support the fight against fake medicines because I believe people should be able to take medicines without worrying about their safety. Fake medicines undermine confidence in healthcare systems around the world and give patients a false sense of hope and security.

I grew up in Hong Kong where counterfeit medicines were not a prevalent problem. But across the border in China, it was a completely different story. News reports about falsified medicines and unsafe health products were common and I felt privileged knowing that I didn’t have to worry too much about this issue in Hong Kong. Looking back, I realised that I took the safety of medicines for granted and that I had never even stopped to consider the possibility that the medicines I was taking were not legitimate. However, the reality is that counterfeit medicines are a serious problem around the world that must be addressed

As a future pharmacist, I work in the best interest of my patients and I would like the guarantee that the medicines I give to my patients are genuine, safe, and efficacious. Now is the time to bring counterfeit medicines to the top of the global health agenda in order to raise awareness amongst healthcare professionals as well as members of the public in order to combat this pressing problem.

The student body of UCL School of Pharmacy is looking forward to working alongside Fight the Fakes as well as with the many other partners involved in the campaign to combat the pressing problem of fake medicines.

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