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ENOUGH. of #NCDs and #fakemeds

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ENOUGH. of #NCDs and #fakemeds

Fight the Fakes partner NCD Alliance is dedicating this week (2-8 September 2019) to raise awareness about Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) and highlight the importance of Universal Health Coverage (UHC). Taking action under the flag ENOUGH. Global Week for Action on NCDs and UHC, the organisation encourages the global health community and individuals to add their voice and stand with NCD Alliance for the right to healthy lives for all by saying ENOUGH. Explore to see what you can do to amplify the NCD movement and make an impact. 

There is need for more action to eliminate NCDs and fake medicines in light of the growing concerns that more and more treatments meant to heal NCDs are found to be substandard and falsified. Falsified medicines aren’t just ineffective but can worsen a condition and even lead to death. This is why Fight the Fakes is supporting NCD Alliance and marks this week by publishing messages and visual cards dedicated to raising awareness about NCDs and falsified medicines on social media. 

Join us and speak up if you had #enoughNCDs and #enoughFakemeds! Download and share the cards to show your support.

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