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Debating counterfeit medicines in London

Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacy in the EU (ASOP EU) |

Debating counterfeit medicines in London

From anti-counterfeiting legislation to serialisation and online pharmacies, hardly a stone was left unturned in a two-day discussion at the 3rd Anti-Counterfeiting Pharma Conference in Kensington, London.

On 7-8 March 2017 delegates from leading organisations in health and science debated strategies and measures to combat counterfeiting at the 3rtd Anti-Counterfeiting Pharma Conference.

It was great to see Fight the Fakes partners among the speakers who stood up to present their activities and ideas in the battle against fake medicines. Rogé Wilfrid, Director of Training at the International Institute of Research Against Counterfeit Medicines (IRACM), gave a talk on ‘Investigating where the package is coming from,’ while Mike Isles, Executive Director of the European Alliance for Access to Safe Medicines, discussed methods of raising public awareness about anticounterfeiting.

To find out more about the event please visit the Recunnect website.

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