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Buy Safe Rx Campaign

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Buy Safe Rx Campaign

With the proliferation of illegal online pharmacies, Fight the Fakes partner the Alliance for Safe Online Pharmacies (ASOP Global), an international non-profit organization, has launched “Buy Safe Rx”, a new campaign to educate consumers about the potentially life-threatening health and financial risks associated with buying prescription medicines online from illegal sellers  and provide the information they need to protect themselves. The Alliance also created a “Share Your Story” page on their website where consumers can confidentially talk about their experiences with illegal online drug sellers and counterfeit medicines.

“These days, buying prescription drugs on the Internet is easy, but finding a safe source for those medicines is not,” explained ASOP Global Founder and Executive Director Libby Baney. “Of the 35,000-50,000 active online drug sellers, 97 percent do not comply with U.S. laws and 50 percent of medicines sold online are fake or counterfeit.”

Since its inception in 2009, ASOP Global has been dedicated to addressing the growing public health threat of illegal online drug sellers through strategic efforts around the world, concentrating its activities in research, education, Internet commerce company voluntary actions, and policy and advocacy. “ASOP Global is singularly focused on the issue of online pharmacies and united in its mission to combat illegal online drug sellers, ensure access to safe medications and protect patient safety,” Baney added.

To follow the discussion on the project on Twitter, use #BuySafeRx.

For the interactive Multimedia News Release click here.

For the campaign’s site, click here.


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