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Addressing the serious issue of fake antimalarials on #WorldMalariaDay – an op-ed by our partner Medicines for Malaria Venture

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Addressing the serious issue of fake antimalarials on #WorldMalariaDay – an op-ed by our partner Medicines for Malaria Venture

To mark this year’s World Malaria Day, George Jagoe, the Executive Vice President for Access and Product Management of our partner Medicines for Malaria Venture (MMV), published an opinion piece in the New Times Rwanda to address the growing burden of falsified antimalarials and its serious consequences for the global goal of malaria elimination!

In recent years the progress towards eradicating malaria has stalled, and various factors have been identified to contributing this stagnation, such as insufficient funding for research into malaria, local infrastructural challenges and a rise in resistance to antimalarial drugs and insecticides. However, one factor has arguably been missing from this analysis: the growing prevalence of falsified antimalarials.

As World Malaria Day calls on the global health community to step up the fight against malaria, renewed efforts also need to focus on combatting the spread of falsified antimalarials globally, and especially across sub-Saharan Africa.

As highlighted be Mr Jagoe “it is clear that malaria elimination remains one of the most demanding health challenges to date and only combined efforts ranging from raising awareness of falsified antimalarials, through increased prevention efforts, to the development of new, effective and affordable antimalarial drugs will bring us closer to that goal.”

Read the opinion piece by George Jagoe from our partner MMV by clicking on the icon below!






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