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Fake ED Pills in Singapore Kill

Dr. Daniel Wai |

Fake ED Pills in Singapore Kill
© HSA Singapore

I am an endocrinologist. This is a story reflecting the human suffering caused by illegal erectile dysfunction pills (“ED pills”).


The young man lies there on the hospital bed. His vital signs are normal, he is still sleeping and has a feeding tube coming out from his nose. I am the attending consultant in charge of the team doing my morning rounds and I ask them what is the story.

The man was admitted the day before for dangerously low blood sugar. He has no history of diabetes and had not taken any diabetic medication but he seems to have taken some sex pills from off the street.

Although his blood sugar has been corrected with intravenous glucose, the young man has not woken up. In fact, he never did. The severe low blood sugar caused permanent brain damage. We could only prepare his devastated family for a lifetime of nursing care for him.

Why did he develop low blood sugar? The Health Sciences Authority of Singapore has found that many fake sex pills contain glibenclamide, a blood sugar lowering agent, at high doses.

This high dose of glibenclamide causes the blood sugar to drop, increasing the response of adrenalin and causing excitement, increased heart rate and blood pressure. We can’t be sure why the counterfeiters put glibenclamide into their pills, but we suspect that they are relying on the effects of low blood sugar for improved sexual performance.


Other patients have experienced seizures and have even died after taking these pills. Please do not use sex pills without prescriptions and don’t buy any pills from off the street.

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Of the 1mil deaths per year due to #malaria, 200,000 could be avoided if patients weren't treated with #fakemeds

#Fakemeds can contain no active ingredients at all – a direct threat to patients that need treatment

Every therapeutic class of pharmaceutical product has been the subject of #counterfeiting

20% of all #malaria deaths worldwide can be directly associated with the use of #fakemeds

30% of countries have little or no regulation to effectively combat #fakemeds

1 medicine in 2 purchased on internet sites that conceal their physical address is a #fakemed

More than 50% of medicine sold worldwide from illegal online sources are #fakemeds

#fakemeds are 10% to 30% of global medicine: less than 1% in some countries, +30% in parts of Africa Asia & Latin America

123 countries are impacted by #fakemeds

700,000 people die because of #fakemeds to treat #malaria & #TB each year

India may have as much as 12-25% of their supply contaminated with substandard and #fakemeds

36% of #anti-malarial drugs in #SoutheastAsia are #fakemeds

In 2013 US authorities published warning of fake #diabetes meds—ineffective & dangerous for patients

Up to 40% of the drug supply of some countries in Africa could be #fakemeds

#Fakemeds seized in Le Havre in May 2013 were hidden in sachets of tea

In 2013, Operation #Biyela seized 550 million doses of illicit medicine in #Africa

Decades of fighting #malaria could be put at risk by #fakemeds on the market

In the US only 4% of online pharmacies appear to be in compliance with pharmacy laws & practice standards

#Fakemeds: 32% have no active ingredients, 40% have incorrect ingredients & dose, 8.5% contain dangerous contaminants

#fakemeds could be up to 15% of medicines in circulation worldwide

2011: European Customs retained 27.5 million #fakemeds

Up to 30% of medicines in developing countries are #fakemeds

#DidYouKnow? 96% of online pharmacies operate illegally

Both branded and generic products are subject to counterfeiting

NIH 2012 study of 7 countries in southeast Asia reveals that 36% of #antimalarials are #fakemeds

Criminals trafficking #fakemeds make profits 10x more than those trafficking illicit drugs

#Fakemeds seized during #Biyela? Antibiotics, painkillers, meds for high blood pressure & diabetes

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60% of all spam offers medicine- its an inexpensive way for #counterfeiters to target you with #fakemeds.

Poisons found in #fakemeds include mercury, rat poison, boric acid, paint & antifreeze

In 2013 1.2 million sachets of #fakemeds were seized in Le Havre, France. The biggest seizure in the #EU

#DidYouKnow? Possession of #fakemeds is illegal, not just production or sale

.@INTERPO_HQ L Operation #PangeaVI seized 9.8 million illegal & counterfeit drugs #fakemeds

.@UNODC estimates the market value of fake #antimalarials at over US$400mil in west Africa alone

1 out of 4 counterfeit products intercepted by EU customs in 2011 were #fakemeds

On internet sites that conceal their physical address 50% of the drugs are #fakemeds