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Real dangers of fake drugs

Partnership for Safe Medicines (PSM) |

Brochure on real dangers of fake drugs

Fake medicines are not just useless. They often contain ingredients that are harmful – in the best case – and deadly – in the worst. Fight the Fakes partner Partnership for Safe Medicines released a Brochure on real dangers of fake drugs. Some patients expose themselves to the danger of fake medicines in the quest for cheaper drugs, buying online and from unapproved pharmacists – but there are many other – safer – ways to procure necessary medicines. Check out the brochure to learn how to distinguish fake medicines from the true ones.

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Antimalarials are among the most commonly reported #fakemeds ❗️ Stay safe and speak up against falsified medicines! 🗣️

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Monitoring and reporting are important to fight #fakemeds. Help @FightTheFakes & spread the word!

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