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Kobielska 100/18 St., 03-835 Warszawa, Poland
tel.: +48 506 488 499

Association for Health Protection and Rule of Law was founded in 2017. The founders of the Association were academics from the leading Medical Universities in Warsaw, Krakow and Poznan, retired law enforcement officers and lawyers. The Scientific Council of the Association consists of 18 members who are professors and doctors in the field of pharmaceutical, legal and medical sciences.

The aim of the Association is activity that reveal and prevent manifestations of pathologies and unethical practices in the trade of pharmaceutical products for human and animal use. Furthermore, the Society focuses on supporting pharmaceutical, medical, biological and legal sciences in the fight against pharmaceutical crime in its broad sense.

The main objectives of the Association are:

  • propagating fairness in the trade of medicinal products, medical devices, cosmetics, dietary supplements and nutrition for athletes as well as natural products (all types of health-related products),
  • monitoring information on irregularities in the marketing of all types of the health-related products,
  • promotion of good pharmaceutical practices and dissemination of knowledge on legal regulations concerning trade in medicinal products, through trainings, seminars, conferences in Poland and abroad,
  • cooperation with governmental, self-government and non-governmental organizations and institutions whose activities are related to the protection of health and life, counteracting of illegal marketing of fake and illegal health products,
  • supporting and cooperation with law enforcement agencies and the judiciary in counteracting infringements of pharmaceutical law, industrial property law and the Penal and Fiscal Penal Code.

The Association spreads knowledge on:

  • counterfeit/fake/illegal/substandard medicinal products, dietary supplements, and sport nutrition,
  • risk of the consumption of medicinal products and food supplements, whether falsified or of unknown origin, which have an impact on human and animal life and health,
  • shaping proper attitudes in economic turnover towards infringements of pharmaceutical law, food and nutrition safety and industrial property law,
  • initiation and supporting activities aimed at adapting Polish pharmaceutical law, food and nutrition safety and industrial property law to European law as well as keeping up with the best world standards in the field of human and animal health protection,
  • patients/consumers education about health and life risks in connection with the use of falsified and illegal medicinal products, dietary supplements and nutrition for athletes as well as training economic entities related to the pharmaceutical industry.

The Association “Stop Illegal Pharmaceuticals” has signed cooperation agreements with the Medical University of Warsaw, Police School in Piła and Commissioner for Patient Rights, concerning education related to the pharmaceutical crime. The Association also cooperates with the Polish Anti-Doping Agency POLADA. 



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