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European Healthcare Distribution Association (GIRP)

European Healthcare Distribution Association (GIRP)

Rue de la Loi 26
10th floor, box 14
B - 1040
Brussels, Belgium

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GIRP is the umbrella organization of pharmaceutical full-line wholesalers in Europe.

It represents the national associations of over 750 pharmaceutical full-line wholesalers serving 32 European countries, including major pan-European pharmaceutical full-line wholesaling companies.

Through their network of operational facilities, GIRP members employ about 140,000 people and serve over 170,000 pharmacies and other healthcare professionals dispensing medicines to the public. In the performance of their public service role, pharmaceutical full-line wholesalers absolutely guarantee the highest level of quality, integrity and excellence. GIRP members are the trusted supply chain partners of manufacturers, pharmacists, healthcare professionals and, above all, patients, guaranteeing medicines’ safety.

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